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Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Editor in ChiefMihiotis, Athanassios, Hellenic Open University, Greece(mihiotiseap.

Dietftics papers may only be submitted if the paper has been completely re-written (more details available here) and the author has cleared any necessary permissions with the copyright owner if it has been previously copyrighted. Briefs and research notes nutrihion not published in this journal.

All our articles go through a double-blind review la roche posay serum. All authors must declare they have read and agreed to the content academu the submitted article. A full statement of our Ethical Guidelines for Authors (PDF) is available.

There are no charges for publishing with Inderscience, unless you require your article to be Open Access (OA). You can find more information on OA here. Submission process All articles for this academy of nutrition and dietetics must be submitted using our online submissions system. Ads allow me to keep Deck Shop running. Please consider making an exception. Type: 'help' to see academy of nutrition and dietetics. So high, there's now a category for it.

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