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And meet you on a halfway. Bouquet of 101 pink peonies Flowers bouquet "Purple alcoholism and alcohol Sweet box with flowers and sweets They trust us Articles and news 28-12-2020 What bouquet is better for giving in winter.

Our flowers delivery service is organize its work in a such way, that every time when you are ordering a bouquet of flowers, the time of delivery you specify by yourself.

Dear guest of the web-site of flower delivery service, please, attentively study the work of our flower delivery service: Delivery schedule: Internet flower delivery shop Flowers alcoholism and alcohol We are delivering flowers 24 hours a day. Flowers delivery from 6:00 alcoholism and alcohol. Flowers delivery from 23:00 p. Receiving of orders: Floristic online store Flowers alcoholism and alcohol taking orders for bouquets every day From Monday till Friday from 09:00 a.

From Saturday till Sunday from 10:00 a. Delivery territories: By Kiev - free Suburbs (Kiev region) up to 30 km outside Kiev - 150 UAH. Overdelivery: If the courier service of flower delivery store Flowers is could not deliver a bouquet because of customer's fault (incorrect address of receiver, cancelation of the order of the bouquet, after we picked it up at work) or because acoholism fault of the recipient (refused to accept a bouquet, wasn't in the specified place of delivery) overdelivery of bouquet will be 50 UAH.

We are waiting for your order of the bouquet. We launch our kissing disease restaurant delivery service in test mode. We will bring to your home or work very quickly and hemofilia influence traffic jams.

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