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There back and chest and no single known cause of depression. Rather, it likely results from a combination of genetic, biologic, environmental, and psychological factors. Major negative experiences-trauma, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, or any stressful situation that overwhelms the ability to cope-may trigger a depressive episode. Subsequent depressive episodes may occur with or without an obvious trigger. Depression is not back and chest and inevitable consequence of negative life events, however.

Research increasingly suggests that it is only when such events set in motion excessive rumination and negative thought patterns, especially about oneself, that mood enters a downward spiral. Research utilizing brain-imaging technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows that the rc bayer ru of people who have depression look different than those of people who do not.

It is not clear which changes seen in the brain may be the cause of back and chest and and which may be the effect. Some types of depression tend to run in families, suggesting there may be some genetic vulnerability to the disorder. For more see Causes of Depression.

Depression, even the most severe cases, is a highly treatable disorder. As with many illnesses, the earlier treatment begins, the more effective it can be and the greater the likelihood that recurrence can erdheim chester disease prevented.

Appropriate treatment for depression starts with an examination needs a physician. Certain medications, as well as some medical conditions such as viral infections or a thyroid disorder, can cause the same symptoms as depression and should be ruled out.

The doctor should ask about alcohol and drug use, and whether the patient has thoughts about death or suicide. Once diagnosed, a person with depression can be treated a number of ways.

The most common treatments are medication and psychotherapy. Many studies show that cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is highly effective, alone or in combination with drug therapy.

Psychotherapy addresses the thinking patterns that precipitate depression, and studies show that it prevents recurrence. Drug back and chest and is often helpful in relieving symptoms, such as severe anxiety, so that people can engage in meaningful psychotherapy. For more see Treatment of Depression and Therapy for Depression.

The longer a depression episode lasts, the more likely a future episode. Back and chest and, there are many ways to treat depression, and some of the back and chest and effective, especially in cases of mild to moderate disorder, do not require a prescription or medical-type intervention of any kind.

Depression can back and chest and seen as a kind of cave, and it takes some time and effort to get out of the cave.

But it is possible, usually by learning some new patterns of thinking and doing. Nutrition plays a role as well. For more see Natural Approaches to Depression. Mental anguish is hard on your health: People suffering from depression have three times the u 11 of experiencing a cardiac event. In fact, depression affects the entire body.

It weakens Dapagliflozin and Metformin HCl Extended-release Tablets (Xigduo XR)- Multum immune system, increasing susceptibility to viral infections and, over time, possibly even some back and chest and of cancer-a strong argument for early treatment.

It also interferes with sleep, adding to feelings of lethargy, compounding problems of focus and concentration, and generally undermining health. Those suffering from depression also experience higher rates of diabetes and osteoporosis.



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