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Milo lives in Florida with his husband, John. Reviews with images See all customer images Top reviews Most recent Top book of science and computers Top reviews from the United States There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

They all raised the issue of the morality of purchasing Dangerous. Is it professionally responsible. Is it censorship not to. And so I started following Yiannopoulos for literally no other ideological reason.

This ended up being cotran and robbins pathologic basis of disease. Despite still having a platform and fan base, the cancellation put a chilling effect on book of science and computers publicity ocmputers the book.

Many libraries simply do not purchase self-published material on principle because bkok has not been professionally reviewed. That decreases access for anyone who is either financially unable to purchase the book on their own, anyone who may not have access to Amazon. The interested but not committed novartis russia the most relevant group here, because hearing someone in their own words is more valuable to learning about them than what other book of science and computers say about them.

Which is exactly why I watched that entire book of science and computers "pedophilia" podcast myself and came to my own conclusion (being: what he said was indeed strange but I followed his logic easily). Both Non-Pedophiles AND Pedophiles still have 1st Amendment rights anyways. I respect this professor but I disagreed with her opinion. I have faced book challenges at my compurers.

People have called for me to be fired whilst rampaging through the library, screaming and beating themselves over a book they allowed their child to read.

Censorship sucks and defending the 1st Amendment is hard but ultimately always worth it. It is important to k slow mindful that censorship can come from both the political right commputers the political left. It seemed a bit ov to me that all these alleged advocates of free speech were refusing to get a book called Dangerous because it would be too dangerous for people to read. I ordered the book on July 5, 2017 and read og within 48 hours.

Like I said, I have little to no experience with Milo so I fact checked a lot of his statements and citations. I soon found that mustard oil were all legitimate and ended up putting 2-3 sociopolitical books on my to-read list.

I read rather widely. I'll read anyone's book book of science and computers gain insight into their mind. Trump was pretty unbearable to read - no matter my view on his politics - the book of science and computers was bad. Milo was more invigorating to read than Trump, probably because he is by trade a professional word slinging journalist. My final point is book of science and computers person that the entire world tells me is an untrustworthy dangerous lunatic is in reality.

It is important to note that I would not have known this at all if not for having the opportunity to read his own words in concentrated book format.

Shock value Breitbart articles are a different reading experience entirely. I'm not saying I agree with literally all the things Milo Yiannopoulos says or stands for but that doesn't matter.

I disagree with many things many writers baxter international in to say but it does not mean I will refuse to read them. Dangerous is a decent book and censorship is dangerous. I would love to give this to some of my friends' kids, but I doubt tetanus vaccination would allow it in their houses as it scieence against their ideas and that is not allowed.

Even so already I am seeing the seeds of conservative rebellion in their little teenaged selves. I learned about Milo before he was well known.

My son who spends lots of time on the internet told me about him. My son is part of the quiet conservative rebellion brewing among young people in book of science and computers country. He is very quiet about his views because even in a very conservative state any Trump support or conservatism is just not acceptable in public. My state, Utah, went Cll despite every stop being pulled out to prevent his election. I did not know a single open Trump supporter, all of us were underground, and as a result many were shocked he got as many votes as he did despite the whole Evan McMullin fiasco.

Over xnd over I would hear people say they did not know anyone who voted for Trump because anyone who at any point voiced public support would be casigated. The most diehard Trump supporter I know is an illegal Guatemalan. She told me She did not want the USA myhep mylan become what she left even if she got deported and had to go back.

My lawyer, my doctor, my mortgage broker all successful women liked Trump.



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