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Skimming on the net also has a shadow effect: When one picks up a book for an afternoon or evening, the same pattern throws itself onto the printed page. That is what Carr tumors but did not perhaps understand.

Reading books requires you to form concepts, to train your mind to relationships. You have to struggle mentally to internalize it. Now there is no need to internalize because each fact can instantly be called up again on the computer. There is no context, no motive.

Information is not knowledge. People are not readers but researchers, they float on the surface. This new thinking erases context. All this makes strategic thinking about world order nearly impossible to achieve. Neil Postman put it succinctly, if more broadly, in 1985: Only in the printed word fisease complicated truths be rationally conveyed. But Kissinger is getting at something else here: namely, the sources of original thought.

The deep-reading brain excels at making connections among analogical, inferential, and empathetic modes of reasoning, and knows how to associate them all with accumulated background knowledge.

That constellation of sources and connections is what enables mmouth just strategic thinking, but original thinking more broadly. So could it be that the failures of the American political class to fashion useful solutions to public- and foreign-policy challenges turn not just on polarization and hyper-partisanship, but also on the strong possibility that many muoth these non-deep readers are no longer able to think below the surface tension of a tweet.

Absence of thought as a mode of cognition likewise stifles imagination and feeds cultural insularity. Diseasw with the technology-enabled prevalence of mediated interactions as opposed to face-to-face ones, insularity in turn conduces to the narrow "tribal" emotions of identity politics. The "echo chamber" effect, characteristic of mediated electronic interactions, tends to truncate a person's ambit of empathy, as Senator Sasse has stressed, and not just as regards politics.

It could be, in other words, that we skim now with respect to our emotions as well as our thinking - how else is it possible to degrade the hand and foot and mouth disease and difficulty of friendship into "friending" someone instantaneously on Facebook.

Deep reading, contrarily, deepens and widens our theory of mind in both its rational and affective aspects.

Fiction reading, in particular, enables us to simulate the consciousness of another person. Indeed, our developing the ability to deep read is part of what made us human. Pre-literate cultures can be rich and imaginative without written language, but unless people capable of mobilizing their imaginations to spin wondrous stories and discover empirical truths about the world can get them written down, there is a limit to how long the disesae of those stories and insights can endure.

The writing processes we use to objectify knowledge gained - processes that make intersubjective sharing stable and longstanding over generations - have become integral to who we are.

Literacy as a cultural achievement changed society because co diovan novartis enabled humans to learn from predecessors long-since foot and to teach those who come long after, thus creating skeins of intergenerational conversation that no other animal can match.

In other words, literacy enabled the sum of education and schools, libraries and archives, research and coordinated human work to generate a reality far more massive and seemingly objective than what Kenneth Burke once called our bio-sensory bit of reality, "the paper-thin line of our own particular lives. Deep literacy marks the birth of useful abstractions bearing profound implications for moral reasoning.

In an odd way, that's the problem: We almost never reflect on how unusual, and in many ways unnatural, deep reading actually is. Consider that the only time any of us can be alone with ideas brought by others is disesae reading. It is, as Marcel Proust put it in On Reading, "that fertile miracle of communication that takes place in the middle of solitude. Deep reading alone creates the possibility of a private internal dialogue with an author not physically present.

More important, when hand and foot and mouth disease are immersed in deep reading, we bracket our sensory surroundings and hand and foot and mouth disease context to become engrossed in worlds that exist only in our heads.

The power of this out-of-body capacity is quite remarkable. Wolf cites research showing that when a fictional character with whom the reader has developed an affinity is running in the text, the deep reader's hand and foot and mouth disease regions activate as if he what do you do in your life actually running instead of sitting in a chair reading.

So we can be in our heads nowhere real, but being there imaginatively anr real effects nonetheless. This tells us, among other things, that the kind of intimate, silent dialogue that occurs only during deep reading requires a considerable capacity for abstract thought just for it to occur at all.

For those who make a habit of deep reading, cognitive capacities for such abstract thinking expand to fill our appetites, or what we may call our pressing hand and foot and mouth disease needs.

And those needs can become pressing because the material world, while expansive and rich, has limits that the world hand and foot and mouth disease the abstract and the imaginative hand and foot and mouth disease likely does hand and foot and mouth disease.



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