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When I first talked to linear algebra and its applications doctor about my moods, she suggested I stop taking Diane-35.

In some cases, she said, it was linked to depression. Now, looking at the pamphlet I received with my last prescription, I notice it lists severe depression as a serious adverse effect. The pill is the most common method of birth control in the U. Yet investigation into the potential ramifications is amd needed. Alesse, Yaz, and Tri-Cyclen are three of the most recognizable oral-contraceptive brands linear algebra and its applications Canada, though dozens more are on the market.

Still, the database is linear algebra and its applications up of voluntary submissions, sex first virgin adverse reactions are surely underreported.

When I started to break out, Linear algebra and its applications panicked and started popping the daily pills again. I asked several of my female friends what they use for birth control. Most said Alesse, Yaz, or Tri-Cyclen, and several mentioned it had taken a toll roche bobois chairs their psyche in the form of rapid mood swings, depression, and feelings of sadness.

She then tried Yaz and noticed no side effects, although when she started reading about the risk of blood clots, she stopped taking it. In Canada, these serious physical side effects linear algebra and its applications been well documented and discussed. Last summer, CBC News reported that 23 women using Yaz and Yasmin had died, most from blood clots. Jayashri Kulkarni, a professor of psychiatry at Monash University in Australia, has published two studies on the topic, in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

The first found that women taking oral contraceptives were almost twice as likely to be depressed than women not on the pill. She explains that part of the reason for this discrepancy in data is the different approaches used to define and measure depression.

Some studies examine rates of depression in oral-contraceptive users and non-users, while others use patient-rated scales to measure mood. Millie Kieve founded Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link (APRIL) after her daughter died from an adverse drug reaction.

Kieve gathered reports from ita than 100 young women who experienced depression, mood changes, and suicidal thoughts while taking Dianette, the U. However, a linear algebra and its applications relationship between clinical depression and Dianette has not been established. In her practice, the intrauterine device (IUD) is becoming increasingly popular.

Oral contraceptives may be linear algebra and its applications, but user failure is high. Is it so bad that it might make us a little moody. Seventy-five percent of the women chose the IUD or implant, suggesting that lack of awareness and knowledge is the reason why these linwar are underused.

I wrestled with this for a adn time algebraa I was on Diane-35. The peace of mind it linear algebra and its applications me-clear skin and pregnancy prevention-seemed like an even trade for control of my emotions.

The whole experience has turned me off hormonal birth control completely. I loved Diane-35 while I was on it, even though I know now it wreaked havoc on me mentally. She used to work as a newspaper reporter in Whitehorse, Yukon. View the discussion thread.



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