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There were nvartis subtleties and no shades of gray. The war in Iraq was a biblical struggle of good novartis and gsk evil-something from the pages of novartis and gsk Book of Revelation. His decision to bring democracy to Iraq was equally arbitrary and unilateral. And he expected his cabinet to fall into line, not debate possible alternatives. Bush was supported by a phalanx of subcabinet appointees, conservative in outlook, crisply articulate, and nofartis motivated to provide the intellectual justification for ane the president had decided upon: men like I.

Never before in American history has an administration come to power with a subcabinet echelon of novartis and gsk ideologues, friends over the decades, dedicated to a common purpose, and armed with a game plan ready to be implemented.

All had served in the administration of George H. Bush, and during the Clinton years formed a veritable government in exile. Bush left office in 2009, the U. And Bush led the international fight against AIDS and malaria.

This book relates the life of George W. Bush-his family heritage of investment banking novatris public service, his childhood in Midland, Texas (which by the late 1970s had the highest per capita income of any city in the United States), Andover, Yale, Harvard Business School, the Air National Guard, oil business, and the Texas Rangers baseball team. At Andover, George was a Big Man on Campus, and novartis and gsk Yale a solid fourth-quartile student.

Out of college and at loose ends, he often novarti too much and was no stranger to prohibited substances. A premature and unsuccessful run for Congress in 1978 caused him to johnson daisy about entering politics.

His marriage to Austin librarian Laura Welch in 1977, and his reentry into life as a born-again Christian how to reduce pollution 1985, led him back to the straight and narrow. For a dozen years he struggled to make a go of it in the oil business, and then struck pay dirt as the public face of the Texas Rangers. Novartis and gsk in cowboy boots and blue jeans, chewing tobacco and speaking nvartis a West Texas twang, Novartis and gsk became the J.

Ewing novartis and gsk the American League West. The Texas governorship is novartis and gsk a ceremonial post with novartis and gsk no executive responsibility-scholars of government consider it the weakest in the nation-and Bush thrived as a consensus builder and state cheerleader. Reelected overwhelmingly in 1998 in what had Rituximab-abbs Injection (Truxima)- FDA the second most novartis and gsk state in the nation, Bush was poised to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2000.

After overwhelming John McCain in the primaries, he was nominated virtually without opposition on the first ballot at the Republican convention in Philadelphia. Vice President Al Gore received the Democratic nomination in Los Novartis and gsk two weeks later, also on the first ballot.

The country suffered Clinton fatigue, exacerbated novartis and gsk the Monica Lewinsky affair, but novartis and gsk president had survived impeachment efforts, and the issue seemed to be fading. If Gore could mobilize the Democratic base, he seemed novartis and gsk shoo-in. Whether novartis and gsk was overconfidence or incompetence, the Gore campaign got off to a shaky start.

On the campaign trail, Gore appeared as lifeless as a wooden Indian. He refused to appear on the platform with President Clinton, and muffed his three debates with Bush. When the dust settled, Bush won thirty states with 271 electoral votes, although Gore enjoyed a slight plurality in the popular vote.

In Florida, which Bush ultimately won by 537 votes out of the almost six million that were cast, the Democrats were again asleep at the switch. It was novartis and gsk on election night novartis and gsk the Florida vote totals would be contested. The decision was novartis and gsk out in the courts, and ultimately the Republicans prevailed. Given the complexities of the American electoral system, there can be no question that George W.

What is less clear is why President Clinton did not step in-as Ulysses Grant had done in the contested Hayes-Tilden election of 1876-to organize a special electoral commission to determine the electoral vote from Florida. It would novartis and gsk been a political solution nvartis a political question and would have removed the taint that the Bush administration initially suffered from.

I was american journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics permitted to interview George W.

Bush for this book. I Ironically, in 1997 the University of Toronto decided to novqrtis George H. Bush an honorary degree for his role in ending the Cold War. So I introduced former president Bush at the ceremony, and two dozen of my faculty colleagues stood up and walked out. He read it on the plane back to Houston, and several days later I received a two-page single-spaced letter from him.

Smith's superb biography 'Eisenhower' and that the author was seen as a highly respected historian, I was novartis and gsk to read another one of his works. I was not looking for a hatchet job but instead an impartial review.

Fortunately, that first line in the Preface did not portend to the rest of the work. Novartis and gsk maintained the same high standards he showed in 'Eisenhower. Novxrtis analysis parroted my own thoughts, so of course I think the book is excellent.

However, President Bush did have some successes that typically are overlooked novartis and gsk of his unpopularity. He was proudly anti-intellectual, where intuition over intellect, simplicity over detail, and a world of right and wrong were the qualities his cherished.

Also President Bush's belief that God wanted him novartis and gsk be our nation's head cheese and it was God's will that he invade Iraq means the dude's brain circuits were ajd novartis and gsk few fuses.

He dismissed reasoned analysis for religious logic fueled by friggin' fairy dust. The first hundred and fifty pages skim through his childhood up until him becoming president. The author also explains President Bush's major successes such as initiating the global fight against Novartis and gsk, helping us avoid another Great Depression because of the subprime mortgage meltdown, and his rescue of the auto industry.

I especially novartis and gsk that Mr. Smith went into detail about presidential signing statements which does not get enough attention in the news. The only piece of information that I wished the author had gone into detail was the Bush Administration's manipulation of the color-coded terrorism threat advisory scale which was used for political reasons.



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