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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a lifelong illness that can affect all of the organs of the body. It often causes problems with digestion and breathing. Results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor is no cure for CF, but it can be results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor. CF is a genetic disorder caused by a gene that is passed from parent to child. Carrier screening allows parents-to-be to find out their chances of having a child with CF.

If you are already pregnant, a prenatal diagnostic test allows you to find out if your fetus actually has CF or is a carrier. The symptoms of CF can vary in type and severity. Many people with CF produce a thick, sticky mucus in their bodies.

This mucus builds up and clogs the lungs. This makes it hard to breathe results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor can lead to infection.

CF also can make it hard for the body to break down and absorb food. About 1 in 6 people with CF have a mild form. Treatments are available, but the disease gets worse the longer a person has it. The average lifespan of a person with CF is 37 years. Those with a milder form can live into their 50s.

Many people with CF attend school, have careers, and lead full lives. Not yet, but new drugs and treatments have improved the outlook for people with CF. To treat lung problems, most children with CF need to have daily physical therapy. This therapy helps clear mucus from the lungs. It is easy to do and can be done by parents or other family members.

It takes two genes-one from the mother and one from the father-for a person to have CF. If a person has only one copy of a gene for CF, he or she is estrace carrier.

Carriers often do not know that they have a gene for CF. They usually do not have symptoms or may have only mild symptoms. The risk of being a CF carrier is higher in families with a history of CF.

The risk also is higher for certain racial and ethnic groups. CF occurs more often in non-Hispanic white people than in other racial groups. Carrier screening for genetic disorders is voluntary. You can choose to have carrier screening or not to have carrier screening. You also may think about the timing of when results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor have carrier screening.

What does this mean for future pregnancies. Carrier screening for CF is offered to all women who are thinking about getting pregnant or who are already pregnant.

It is your choice whether to have this screening. A negative result means that your chance of being a CF carrier is small. But no screening test checks for every known CF mutation. For this reason, if your test result is negative, there still is a very small chance that you could be a carrier of a mutated gene that was not detected by the test.

If you have a negative test result but a family history results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor CF, you also may be tested results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor the specific mutation in your family prilosec that information is available. Results in surfaces and interfaces impact factor your test result is positive, it means that you are a CF carrier. The next step is to test your partner.

Both partners must be CF carriers for a fetus to have CF.



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