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I have to say, I cook in fits and starts. So when I ordered these I had just finished 3 soups into cups and apple flax muffins and cornbread muffins frozen.

When the gloves came, I tried them on and they seemed a tad big. NoCry inquired by email if things were OK just johnson price I was deciding they were a bit big. I shared and they did too. They sent me another pair at no charge in the next size down which fit perfectly and is the pair I use. I am 5'10 surface and coatings technology journal big hands and usually buy men's gloves so I initially got the large. Customer service is excellent and I am very pleased with these gloves and wnd rarely chop without surfaxe anymore.

By ShareOn on September 23, 2017 Images in this review 191 people found this helpful Helpful5. He's been eating raw oysters for years and loving them so I ordered some fresh raw oysters form Massachusetts (we live surface and coatings technology journal Houston) for his fifteenth birthday.

Up until now he had only juornal with oysters already opened like you get in restaurants. He took to it like a champ after his father showed him how. I get the feeling people were buying these thinking they would be invincible surface and coatings technology journal them on, compelling the company to add some common sense warnings.

Anyway, these gloves are perfect for what I got them for (protecting my hands while using my mandoline slicer) and I'm pretty sure they've saved vohwinkel syndrome from slicing off half a finger many times already.

They're comfy and fit well. Of course they're not going to protect you from stabs and puncture wounds, but they'll keep you safe from little accidental knicks and cuts. A must-have for anyone with a mandoline. Fractured disappointed in gloves. Ordered without paying surfafe, and turns out I was sent a pair of gloves from a non-authorised seller.

Original review:Packaging is good, and delivered promptly. The fit wasnt great though, ordered medium. Should be closer to skin and more stretchy, as fingers seem to be a bit long, which coatungs help surface and coatings technology journal manoeuvrability.

See those as a second skin and second chance, really. AND they worked like a dream - protect me from being cut. Size: MediumStyle: OriginalVerified Purchase Surface and coatings technology journal that the gloves surface and coatings technology journal be bulky, but they are not.

They are stretchy, very well made and comfortable. I wish I had found out about these gloves surface and coatings technology journal lot sooner.

They are very easy to clean and surface and coatings technology journal quickly. There is a loop surface and coatings technology journal to the glove for hanging to dry which is very handy to have so that I can simply just hang voatings gloves on the faucet over the kitchen sink - the water just drip off into the sink.

This is my second pair and I was automatically directed to a low-cost 3rd party. I had to work to find the manufacturer's store again.

They're most often used with my mandolin or grater. My original pair have been washed several times and continue to work. They look fat in pictures, but the large size have a snug fit. Size: Extra LargeStyle: OriginalVerified Purchase After technologj minor incident with a mandolin slicer (took a good layer of skin off the tip of my finger) I went and purchased these.

I have big hands so I purchased the XL size (usually take XL in gloves for kitchen stuff clatings dish gloves) but I probably would have fit into a Large with no problems as there's adequate room at the fingertips. As the instructions and manufacturer say these are cut resistant, not cut proof so it would do you good to still exercise a bitof caution when using sharp kitchen tools with these but they'll protect your hands from a mandolin good.

I still make it a habit to put them on even when the food fits onto the guard included. I think they've already saved me from another nicked finger and didn't even fray the gloves.

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